Corporate Wellness Program コーポレート ウェルネス プログラム

MOPA (Masako Ono Performing Arts) Zoom class VOICE from the students on Odissi (Indian Classical Dance) lessons モパ・インド古典舞踊オディッシー(オリッシー)ダンス ズームでレッスン Corporate Wellness Program コーポレート ウェルネス プログラム

- through the most sensuous, ecstatic, and spiritual dance from ancient India, Odissi -

You must have experienced the symptoms, such as; 

Stress, anxiety / fear, Lethargy and fatigue, Over-eating and weight gain / under-eating, Isolation, loneliness, Depression, Sleep disturbances…

“It is the entire organism rather than the body alone or the brain alone that interacts with the environment...When we see, or hear, or touch or taste or smell, body proper and brain participate in the interaction with the environment.” Antonio Damasio (Neuroscientist)

Engaging with your bodily wisdom can re-connect you with your body and your mind in powerful ways. You may discover insights and practical skills to experience your body as a source of effective knowledge and healing potential. This can help you to transcend many of these common, yet challenging, symptoms.

This is like an active meditation in a way, using your body & mind, and it is programmed for you so that every class project you complete, your body & mind is conditioned, leading to an enhanced awareness of yourself and the universe, achieving BEAUTY inside you as well as the way the universe look at you.

Toning up your body & mind, through stretching, fingers and facial flexibility exercises, strength building exercise, breathing and meditation for mindful body & mind, by learning a beautiful dance of Indian classical dance, ODISSI.

Best for people who;

Want to be more fit & slim & healthy

Want to be more expressive

Want to be graceful

Want to remove anxiety

Want to try dancing

Want to be more focused & reduce stress

Want to dance life

Let’s talk on your wishes, please message us here!


モパ・コーポレート・ウェルネス プログラム

古代インドからの最も官能的で恍惚とした、精神性の高いダンス、オディッシー(オリッシー - 世界で最も魅惑的、美的、そして神秘的な古代インドの踊り - を使った、企業ウェルネスプログラム。






このモパ・コーポレート・ウェルネス プログラムは、身体と精神を一緒に動かすアクティブな瞑想のようなものです。マインドフルネスを身体を使ってダンスで美しく体現します。身体と心が調整され、自分が自然や宇宙の一環であることを再認識します。またインドの思想なども学びながら、魅惑的でエクサイティングなストーリーを踊ることができるようになります。