A: Indian Beauty Exercise インド・ビューティ・エクササイズ



■言語: 必要に応じて日本語・英語の両方を同じクラス内で併用します。





  • 目ぢから
  • 自然なスマイル
  • 柔軟性
  • 表現力
  • 身体と精神のバランス
  • リラックス力

■ カリキュラムスケジュール(仮案)

  • STEP 01:呼吸をして体をまずニュートラルな状態に戻す
  • STEP 02:リズムに乗ってワーミングアップ
  • STEP 03:数個のヨガポーズでストレッチ
  • STEP 04:体の各部のアイソレーション・エクササイズ
  • STEP 05:本日の動きフレーズ(8秒の動きを学びながら瞑想します)
  • STEP 06:呼吸でリラックス








    A: Indian Beauty Exercise

    -Balancing Mental and Physical health-

    • Language: Japanese and English

    Using yoga and Indian dance techniques, we provide and supervise exercises and moving meditations for beauty, health, and mental well-being.

    Learn the beautiful postures and movements of Indian dance based on yogic concepts. By finely moving the eyebrows, eyeballs, corners of the mouth, neck, hands and fingertips, also using the core muscles supplely toning up the whole body, you could start the day with a positive mindset and balance your body and mind, at the same time you could end the day in a relaxed state. It is a program that allows you to be confident and relaxed in your gestures and body movements by gaining expressiveness.

    You can learn the essence of Indian dance, which balances mental and physical health, and develop delicate and clear expression, while strengthening physical sensation and physical strength, so that you can gain mental composure and peace of mind.

    You will acquire: 

    • Eye appeal
    • Natural smile
    • Flexibility
    • Expressiveness
    • Balance of body and mind
    • Relaxation

    Curriculum schedule:

    • STEP 01: Breathing and maintain the body in a neutral state
    • STEP 02: Warm up with the rhythm
    • STEP 03: Stretch with several yoga poses
    • STEP 04: Isolation exercises for each part of the body
    • STEP 05: Today's movement phrase (Meditate while learning the movement for 8 seconds)

    STEP 06: Relax with Breathing

    Age: 13 years old and above 

    Target school building: Negotiable

    Participation fee: 1 class a week USD 160 / 2 classes a week USD 300 / 3 classes a week USD 400

    Capacity: Minimum of 10 people

    Lesson duration: 60 minutes

    *Twice a week is the most effective for students, and three times a week is expected to be effective.