B: 日本語の子供クラス / Kid's Class in English


■ 子供:インド・ヨガ・ダンス!


■ 言語:日本語




  • 音感とリズム感
  • 集中力
  • 柔軟性
  • 自分自身と向き合う力
  • 体感(インドダンスのポーズは、複雑な体の角度を保つことが大切です)
  • 体力(コアマッスルを使うインド・ダンスにより、自然と柔らかい筋肉がつきます)


  • STEP 01:深呼吸をして、ご挨拶
  • STEP 02:リズムに乗ってワーミングアップ
  • STEP 03:ヨガのポーズ
  • STEP 04:ステップの練習(下半身)&表情と手指の使い方(上半身)
  • STEP 05:音とリズムに合わせて踊る
  • STEP 06:深呼吸をして、ご挨拶

■ 年齢:4歳以上 

■ 校舎:恵比寿・自由が丘

■ 参加費:週1回-16000円/週2回-30000円/週3回-40000円

■ 一コマ:60分


    B: Kid's Class in English

    ■ Children: Indian Yoga & Dance!

    -Acquire the mental strength and physical flexibility through the authentic Indian Classical Dance -

    ■ Language: ENGLISH

    After yoga and stretching, with having fun doing Indian dance, enhance the suppleness of the body, the flexibility of the facial expression and fingertips, and the mental strength. Enjoy Indian dance achieving a beautiful posture, expressiveness and spirituality. Using the techniques of yoga, stretching and classical Indian dance, let’s have fun and learn short dance phrases with music.
    Learn to the rhythm using various eye and facial expressions and delicate finger movements that cannot be seen in other dances.

    The Mechanism of Indian Dance ~ The Indian classical dance which is from the birthplace of yoga, is incorporated into the educational curriculum in India as an important part of the education to cultivate children's sensory, spirituality, and expression abilities. Learning the essence of Indian classical dance would strengthen the sensibility of physical sensation and physical strength while acquiring delicate and clear expressiveness in dance, life, and sports.

    ■ You will acquire:

    • Sound sensation and rhythm sense
    • Concentration
    • Flexibility
    • Strength to face yourself
    • Cenesthesia (Complex body angles are used in Indian dance postures)
    • Physical fitness (Indian dance require core muscles results in building soft muscles)

    ■ Curriculum schedule: 

    • STEP 01: Slow breathing
    • STEP 02: Warm up with the rhythm and music
    • STEP 03: Yoga postures
    • STEP 04: Stepping practice (lower body) & facial expressions and fingers (upper body)
    • STEP 05: Dance to the sound and rhythm
    • STEP 06: Slow breathing

    ■ Age: 4 years old or older

    ■ Location: Ebisu / Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

    ■ Fee: 1 class a week USD 160 / 2 classes a week USD 300 / 3 classes a week USD 400.

    Capacity: Minimum 5 people

    ■ Lesson duration: 60 minutes

    *Twice a week is effective for students, and 3 times a week is most effective.