C: 本場のインド舞踊を観てみよう! / Let's watch authentic Indian dance!

C:  本場のインド舞踊を観てみよう!イベント 








  • インド古典舞踊への見聞
  • インドの文化、生地やジュエリーへの見聞
  • インド舞踊の基礎テクニック


  • STEP 01:インド舞踊鑑賞
  • STEP 02:Q&A
  • STEP 03:インド舞踊の初心者向け基本レッスン



参加費:(リアル) 4500円、 (オンライン) 2500円 





    C: Let's watch authentic Indian dance! event

    Indian dance performance by an Indian government-approved Indian classical dancer.

    -An event where you can experience authentic Indian classical dance-

    Language: Both Japanese and English

    The Mechanism of Indian Dance ~ The Indian classical dance which is from the birthplace of yoga, is incorporated into the educational curriculum in India as an important part of the education to cultivate children's sensory, spirituality, and expression abilities.

    Take this unique opportunity to come in contact with Indian dance, which balances the mind and body.

    Children, adults, one person, both parents and children together are welcome to participate.

    You would acquire:

    • Observation ability and knowledge on Indian Classical Dance
    • Insights into Indian culture, fabrics and jewellery.
    • Basic techniques of Indian dance

    Curriculum schedule:

    • STEP 01: Indian dance appreciation
    • STEP 02: Q&A
    • STEP 03: Indian dance basic lesson for beginners

    Age: 4 years old or older 

    Location: Negotiable 

    Participation fee: (real) USD 45,  (online) USD 25

    *Online participants cannot participate in the Q&A

    Capacity: Minimum of 10 people (counted as 2 people if participating as a parent and child) 

    Lesson duration: 60 minutes