Consulting Services コンサルティングサービス

General business related to Indian culture, society, health, beauty, dance, exercise, yoga, diet, physical strength, mental health, etc. through Indian dance.


- personal パーソナル
- product development プロダクト開発
- casting キャスティング
- writing ライティング

personal パーソナル

We will supervise and provide individual guidance for training lessons according to each person's goal and purpose. For those who want to be healthy and beautiful in both mind and body, those who want to cultivate a strong and flexible body and mind, those who want to challenge performing dance or contests, and all those who are concerned on their mental and physical development.


product development プロダクト開発

We accept consultations for product development related to health, beauty, and outfit for dance and exercise.


casting キャスティング

We accept casting of dancers and actors for appearances in media and events such as TV, YouTube, and SNS.


Writing ライティング

We accept requests to supervise and write articles for books, magazines, internet media, etc. related to Indian culture & society, health, beauty, dance, exercise, yoga, diet, physical strength, mental strength, etc.