D: 土日の親子ダンス / Weekend parent-kid dance event

D: <イベント> 土日の親子イベント

■ 対象:親子でインド舞踊!





*このクラスで伸ばしたいチカラ [柔軟性][リズム感][精神性][集中力]



  • 音感とリズム感
  • 柔軟性
  • 協調性
  • 集中力
  • 体力(コアマッスルを使うインド・ダンスにより、自然と柔らかい筋肉がつきます)


  • STEP 01:深呼吸をして、ご挨拶
  • STEP 02:リズムに乗ってワーミングアップ
  • STEP 03:ヨガのポーズ
  • STEP 04:ステップの練習(下半身)&表情と手指の使い方(上半身)
  • STEP 05:音とリズムに合わせて踊る
  • STEP 06:深呼吸をして、ご挨拶



参加費:(リアル) 3000円、(オンライン) 1500円





D: <EVENT> Weekend parent-kid dance event

Target: With parents and children, let’s enjoy Indian dance!

-parent-child communication-

Language: Simultaneous lectures in both Japanese and English

While learning dance with fun that incorporates Indian dance based on essence of yoga, you will acquire a healthy body and beautiful posture, and enhance your spirituality with rich expressiveness. While interacting with parents and children, discovering each other's unexpected sides and dance Indian dance to become beautiful both physically and mentally.

The strengths we want to develop in this class:

[Flexibility] [Rhythm] [Spirituality] [Concentration]

Learn fun dance phrases accompanied by music using classical Indian dance techniques. Move the body to the rhythm using detailed eye and facial expressions, delicate finger coordinations that cannot be seen in other dances. 

The Mechanism of Indian Dance ~ The Indian classical dance which is from the birthplace of yoga, is incorporated into the educational curriculum in India as an important part of the education to cultivate children's sensory, spirituality, and expression abilities. Learning the essence of Indian classical dance would strengthen the sensibility of physical sensation and physical strength while acquiring delicate and clear expressiveness in dance, life, and sports.

You will acquire: 

  • Sound sensation and rhythm sense
  • Flexibility
  • Cooperativeness
  • Concentration
  • Physical strength (Indian dance that uses the core muscles naturally builds soft muscles)

Curriculum schedule:

  • STEP 01: Slow breathing
  • STEP 02: Warm up with the rhythm
  • STEP 03: Yoga postures
  • STEP 04: Stepping practice (lower body) & facial expressions and fingers (upper body)
  • STEP 05: Dance to the sound and rhythm
  • STEP 06: Slow breathing

Target age: 4 years old or older 

Target school buildings: Ebisu / Jiyugaoka, Tokyo, Japan

Participation fee: (real) USD 30, (online) USD 15

Capacity: Minimum 10 people

One frame: 60 minutes 

*Twice a week is effective for students, and 3 times a week is expected to be the most effective.