MOPA (Masako Ono performing Arts)

"From ancient to contemporary to future, dance as an art travels beyond time and space"


小野雅子 ムクテーシュワル寺院 オディシャ州 インド インド古典舞踊 オンラインレッスン Masako Ono Mukteshwar Temple  India Odisha オディッシー オリッシー Odissi

Now MOPA conducts online lessons regularly so that you can learn from anywhere in the world, as well as video course where you can learn anytime using your free time.



Masako Ono 

Masako is a Japanese Odissi dancer empaneled by Govt. of India ICCR as well as Dept. of Culture. She has performed and given lecture-demonstrations and workshops in more than 20 countries in the last 10 years.

Masako Ono has a dance studio called MOPA (Masako Ono Performing Arts) and has been teaching Odissi dance for more than 20 years, taken her students to perform globally. She is a certified YOGA teacher and currently teaching BODY & MIND conditioning class along with Odissi dance via online.

Masako started dancing at the age of 4 with modern dance of Martha Graham Dance, additionally trained in western classical ballet, hip hop, jazz and in Tokyo, Japan. In 1996, Masako joined NRITYAGRAM, the dance village in India where they create top class Indian Classical dancers in the world. Masako stayed there for 5 years horning her dance and acting skills by intensive residence program, where she learned Indian Classical dance (Odissi), Yoga, and theatre techniques and contemporary dance.

She has been selected as one of the “100 most respected Japanese in the world” by the Newsweek Japan in 2008, and NHK BS 1 has made a documentary film on Masako Ono in the series of “First Japanese” in 2007. Masako Ono currently performs Odissi and contemporary dance choreographies of her own derived from Indian classical dance form on yogic concepts and pan Asia themes besides Odissi dance repertoire.






ワシントンのケネディーセンター、NYCのアジア・ソサエティー、インドではNCPA、INDIA・INTERNATIONAL CENTREやHABITAT CENTREにて、また日本やインドの首相の前でもダンスを披露している。